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Myrtle Beach Hog Hunting
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SIP 22-Jun-21
Jeff Holchin 23-Jun-21
milnrick 23-Jun-21
SIP 24-Jun-21
WoodMoose 24-Jun-21
From: SIP
Any hog hunting opportunities near myrtle beach? Gonna be down the week of july 4th and just hit me to look into anything like this that may be available. We did a fishing trip with a charter on a pontoon one year but didnt catch anything. Would be nice to find somethin to do one day, seeing how im not a big fan of sitting on the beach and my wifes fam does that…. Every. Single. Day…

From: Jeff Holchin
Don’t think any public land will be open for hogs in SC then, so your only hope would be an outfitter to get you onto private land; don’t know any to recommend. However, if you could slip away for two days, I recommend running down I-95 to just inside the GA border and hunting at Ft Stewart, which I know for sure will have open areas for a bowhunter and it won’t be too expensive at all. Should be able to google all the info you need about hunting at Ft Stewart - lots of hogs there, not too hard to figure out, and one of the best hog killers I know actually preferred hunting there during the hot summer months. Bring snake boots, TWO thermocells and a Bug Tamer suit!

From: milnrick
Don't know much about hunting near Myrtle Beach, but I can tell you the fishing off the Myrtle Beach State Park's pier is worth a try. Lots of small sharks, blue fish and other pier fish to help pass the time.

From: SIP
Thanks for the info fellas!

From: WoodMoose
I have access to 17,000 acres by Marion, SC (an hourish NW of Myrtle), could hunt for a guest fee (think it's $20),,, no guarantees as them hogs ain't stupid,,,and depends on dates as I have things that occupy me the next few weeks - but if the trip is towards end of July or in August I could maybe take you.

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