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Iron Will vs Exodus?
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WYOelker 24-Jun-21
Dale06 24-Jun-21
Ermine 24-Jun-21
Aces11 24-Jun-21
rattling_junkie 25-Jun-21
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jingalls 25-Jun-21
ElkNut1 25-Jun-21
APauls 25-Jun-21
SteveB 27-Jun-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 27-Jun-21
Ambush 27-Jun-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 27-Jun-21
fran 28-Jun-21
From: WYOelker
So after years of Muzzy 125 3 blades. I think I might want to upgrade braodheads. Which ones fly better and which are sharper and easiest to sharpen?

From: Dale06
I’ve used both and they’re both very good heads. I can’t say either flys better, both fly great from a tuned bow. I sharpened both on a Lansky, and both were pretty easy. I like IW better cause of the cut on contact and better penetrating design.

From: Ermine
Iron Will

From: Aces11
I have been shooting Exodus the last couple of years and love them. I like to tinker and decided to order some iron will single bevel and got them in the mail today. Screwed one on, spun it and shot it at 40 yards and hit perfectly with my field tips. I shot it close to dark with a lighted nock and didn’t see any fish tail. Don’t think you could go wrong with either.

Low poundage bow go with iron will, other than that I'm going with Exodus.

From: carcus
I haven't tried Iron wills but I've heard nothing but good reviews, I've tested the exodus out on 9 elk and 6 moose, a few less than perfect shots, they are deadly, they fly like darts(swept blade) the solid blades not as good, and they are crazy tough. Like RJ mentioned if your low poundage go with the COC iron will. I wouldn't shoot the exodus if I had a draw under 55lbs

From: jingalls
I have killed 11 elk, a caribou and countless deer with Exodus. Not one blade has ever broke or come loose. They are incredibly sharp and if you have a good sharpener, easy to sharpen the blades.

As far as penetration, despite what Dale06 has stated. Exodus has out penetrated IW in ballistic gel tests. Although they are close, Exodus has out penetrated them. My only objection to IW is the price. So no matter which head you go with you can’t go wrong!

From: ElkNut1

ElkNut1  's embedded Photo
Now that's a hole!
ElkNut1  's embedded Photo
Now that's a hole!
Shot both these heads to 80 yards, no accuracy issues on either out of a tuned setup.

Where these heads differ is in the wound channel, the Exodus leaves awesome holes in comparison. If blood on the ground is of utmost importance because of the thicker country you may hunt then hands down the exodus is the winner here. Both kill but I'll take the exodus between the two.

Check out this entrance wound on a frontal shot, the 400 grain arrow buried the nock 6" deep past the hide, total arrow penetration on a large bull with the exodus.


From: APauls
I found Iron Will's to be a touch more forgiving than Exodus. They are sharper and hold edge better. This is in comparison to a Exodus swept blade. A full blade exodus would have worse flight characteristics.

That being said, you're comparing a 2 blade (with bleeders) to a 3 blade. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. As to the criteria you mention, Iron Will each time.

From: SteveB
Specs and performance are close. Price not so much. Exodus, is a no brainer.

Personally am going to exodus swept blade this year. Whitetails. I’ve watched a lot of broadhead reviews and the exodus is very impressive.

From: Ambush
The Swept Blade Exodus would be considered "barbed", so would be illegal in some states and provinces.

Correct. Not all states allow the “barbed broadheads”

From: fran
I shot the exodus swept last year and although I liked them they were very hard to pull from my practice target. I know,I know pulling them out of the target wasn't my only reason for switching I also was having trouble with consistent flight. I switched to Iron Will single bevel's and an impresses with the accuracy and build of the broadhead. They are expensive but with the lifetime guarantee I am hoping this will be the last 6- broadheads I will ever have to buy.

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