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Colorado 444 and 45?
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JohnMC 30-Jun-21
For those familiar is 4-wheeler necessary? I have access to one but would rather not pull out unless absolutely necessary? I will be driving my everyday driver out, and planning to hunt out if and will be bring 4-wheeler if it is a must have for these units? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks guys

From: elkmtngear

From: JohnMC
Unit 45 use to be the unit I hunted. A lot of areas that a ATV was handy or get you to where a average truck would not. I've been told a lot of those roads have been close however I have not been in unit in 8-10 years. I found it to have less elk and more people than when I started hunting it and moved to greener pastures. Never hunted 444.

If you don't you will be hunting with everyone else that is using their daily driver. I'm a end of the road then hike a few miles in type of guy. Best spots are hard to get to, or have very ruff roads in.

From: cnelk
If ya got, use it. Atvs are so much more nimble and quick.

From: Treeline
An ATV, though not necessary, will get you to places you cannot go with even a lifted Toyota Tacoma. There are several nasty roads that I can think of in 45 that definitely need at least a 4-wheeler or a rock crawler…

Have spent a lot less time in 444 but can think of a couple of roads that it would be useful in there as well.

From: Grey Ghost
Leave the damn thing at home.


From: JohnMC
We will take a KS guy on a ATV over a liberal know it all any day of the week.

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