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Anyone heard about Hunt Master Gregg Rit
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Offgrid 30-Jun-21
JG 30-Jun-21
t-roy 30-Jun-21
JL 30-Jun-21
Rut Nut 30-Jun-21
bigswivle 30-Jun-21
From: Offgrid
Anyone hear about Gregg Ritz deer hunting violation? Read an article about him shooting a deer and leaving it to waste! What's everyone's thoughts on his show still being on tv???

From: JG
Wow. Talk about destroying your image. Never would have guessed he’d be one to do so

From: t-roy
Old news. There was a thread on it last year. “Greg Ritz in trouble again”

From: JL
So what was the outcome?

From: Rut Nut
Offgrid must have been off grid for awhile! ;-)

From: bigswivle
If he didn’t go down for all the stuff he did in Kentucky, nothing will happen to him this time.

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