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Unit 070 Colorado
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Jgrieco 03-Jul-21
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txhunter58 03-Jul-21
From: Jgrieco
Hey guys , so my buddy and I decided this would be the year we started putting our names in the hat for elk tags in a few states (Montana, Utah and Colorado) we never expected to draw one on our first year. But of course god laughs at our plans and we both drew archery for unit 070. Us being from nyc we weren’t brought up hunting and kind of just got into it ourselves a few years ago, going around here for deer with some success. We know it’s not going to be easy and it will probably wind up just being an expensive camping trip, but we want to get in the woods and get after it. I guess what I wanted to ask is a good starting point for us, we are landing in grand junction and from there it’s up in the air. We don’t want to use a guide , we want to earn it. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

From: 8point

From: txhunter58
70 is a pretty big unit but a lot of it is lower country. Most of the higher country is in the eastern half of the unit. Most of the higher country holds elk.

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