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Sheep aging seminar
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Kurt 03-Jul-21
Zbone 03-Jul-21
Bou'bound 04-Jul-21
Charlie Rehor 04-Jul-21
Rackmastr 06-Jul-21
From: Kurt
Excellent video on sheep aging here:

From: Zbone
Cool, thanks for sharing... Always wondered how to count the annual rings close to the skull...

From: Bou'bound
Knows his stuff. Very interesting. Not all 58 minutes but good info

Thanks for posting. Helped me age my Ram. When I hunted with Clay at Nahanni in 2005 they rewarded their guides a $500. Dollar bonus when their hunters killed a 10 year old or older Ram. They are sheep PASSIONATE…

From: Rackmastr
Great video for sure!! Talk is Sheep podcast has had some great info on it as well from the WSSBC!

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