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Satellite images on cell phone
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From: Katahdin
How can I get satellite images on my cell phone? I am north of 60 years old so please use a low tech filter in the response

From: Swampbuck
Goggle earth

From: drycreek
That would be google earth and it’s not the most geezer friendly platform. I know, because I’m geezier than you. I use Huntstand, the free version, but there others that fill the bill. IMO, they are all a little difficult for guys that aren’t too techy, but if I can do it, anybody can. Good luck !

From: Buskill
OnX uses sat imagery plus lots more info to orient yourself. Heck, you can always look at local radar maps on a weather channel and get some decent info for free

From: Katahdin
Thanks I'm looking for something that is GPS enabled when I don't have cell coverage

From: JohnMC
That would be ONX you can download the area you want and then bring up without cell coverage. Fairly low tech to use.

huntstand has a free version of their app that is good. small fee you get the full version which i use and i like.

From: Kurt
I like GAIA GPS app....which turns the iPhone into a GPS and gives you a large list of maps to pick from as well as aerial photos. You do have to download the aerial photos onto the phone via WIFI (best) or cell service....slower...before you go to an area without cell coverage.

GAIA is very inexpensive and provides maps and aerial photos from anywhere in the world that I've been from the Arctic to the Mexican border....even down in Australia.

Good luck!

From: elkmtngear
Gaia x2.

It's worked very well for me for about 5 years now. Lots of overlays to choose from, to include Private Land Borders, Topo, Satellite Maps, Hunting Zones, Even highlights roadless/ trail-less areas. You can use a 3 finger slide on your phone, to lay the map out flat ahead of you, to see ridges and contours (like Google Earth).

Did an A/B with Gaia and Onyx Maps when I was elk hunting in NM in 2016...I was using both, and I always seemed to end up going back to Gaia.

From: Stix
I'm a cheapskate. I use GAIA free version. No bells and whistles, just a GPS with topo. Luckily it shows public/private boundaries for my hunt area, but not so for most areas. Can save 20 waypoints. It guides me where I want to go and back again if needed.

From: jingalls
onX. Save your maps for off line. Has all the options you want and trust me…if I can manage it ANYONE can!-)

From: Jaquomo
I have both and use Gaia more. One thing - OnX downloaded maps are HUGE - like 300 Mb, so if you are downloading a new area from someplace with sketchy cell service, it can take forever. Gaia offline maps have great detail at a much smaller (MB) size. I download both the satellite and USGS topo of each spot, then toggle back and forth as needed. I like this much better than the topo overlay onto satellite.

From: Cornpone
I'm also a Gaia user. When downloading maps because you may be in a non-cell area you can adjust the size of the area you want to download....fiddle with it...easy. The main reason I'm neither an OnX user nor Huntstand user is that you can't do a "GoTo" (as with a Garmin) which is a "GuideMe" with my Gaia. That's an important feature for me. And don't give me that old age decrepit crap...I'm north of 75 LOL. Have one of your grandkids show you how to use it!

From: Jethro
OnX has a “go to waypoint “ feature.

I have, and like, both OnX and Gaia. They both have good help support. Gaia has tons of layers I never use. I feel OnX maybe easier for a newbie.

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