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Wi. Bear travels 800 mi to Louisiana
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Huntcell 06-Jul-21
Joey Ward 06-Jul-21
Inshart 07-Jul-21
Rut Nut 07-Jul-21
Treeline 07-Jul-21
John in MO / KY 07-Jul-21
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Z Barebow 07-Jul-21
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Wildan2 15-Jul-21
Knife2sharp 15-Jul-21
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Wisconsin bear got the wandering bug headed out of the state, traveled in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, swimming the Mississippi River four times in the process. eventually reached Louisiana, where he, has died after being hit by a vehicle

From: Joey Ward
I-10 IS scary during holiday travel.

From: Inshart
WOW, that's a LONG way to go just to cross I-10 (in this case, attempt to cross)

From: Rut Nut
DANG! I had no idea bears would travel that far....................................and to end up in Louisiana of all places!

From: Treeline
Sad that he was taken out that way. Really interesting that he travelled around so much, in such populated areas…

I read a theory that this bear managed to get on a grain barge in Lousisiana that then headed north up the Mississippi. Then he got off the barge in Wisconsin and walked back home.

He was exactly the age that bears disperse to find good territory. Maybe he was looking for a spot where hunters had taken out a bigger bear where there was lots of good feed? Sad way to go...

From: drycreek
Headed to NOLA for some red beans and rice ? ;-)

From: Z Barebow
Maybe the bear had a taste for Cajun vs brats and cheese curds?

From: DanaC
I was told of a bear that was tracked from central Mass. to just outside Hartford CT and back again, but that's a short walk compared to this one!

From: Wildan2
We are in Northern Ny state;we get a lot of bears from New Jersey and Pennsylvania;odd thing is they all have ear tags!

From: Knife2sharp
I came up with a saying, while driving around in the evenings looking for deer. My buddy was talking about deer showing up in odd places, or not seeing them in high percentage area. I said, "the world is their home." Meaning, they don't have obligations and can go wherever and whenever they want - go across country, sure, why not?

I have another one, "the deer are, where you see them." And the knife remains sharp gentlemen ;)

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