What to do with clover plot?
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Buckiller 07-Jul-21
KHNC 07-Jul-21
From: Buckiller

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Going into fourth year of food plotting. First year was pretty much a flop, second I got a little to grow but still not great. Third year I took a soil test and fertilized according and had fairly good results with last falls planting. This spring I frost seeded in clover in hopes there was atleast something growing early spring/summer time. To my surprise the clover has done really well. I'd like to plant something with a little more "draw" and nutrition like I did last fall. My question is do I spray the entire clover plot off? Plant into it? Spray and till half the plot? Has anyone planted into clover? I would assume it might be too much competition?

Plot is about 1/2 acre

From: KHNC
Over seed this fall with Rye or Wheat. Keep the clover.

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