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Slick Tricks new heads
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From: LINK
Has anyone laid hands on the Assailant or the SS3? I’m not big on front deploying mechanicals but I’ve always loved slick trick quality.

From: JohnMC
I personally fill like the hybrid head are the worse of both worlds. The biggest advantage IMO is with expandable is it fly like a field tip. Once you mix the two you might as well shoot a fixed head. No doubt they will work but so will most heads on the market.

From: Bowfreak
I really liked that Assailant until I found out that the mechanical blades are pinned. The head has a perfect design for resharpening on a KME or the like if you could easily remove the blades.

From: smarba
I just looked at the SS3 online and admit I said "huh?" Just doesn't come across to me as being innovative or what I would expect from Slick Trick. One online review said dull out of the package, although its design should be relatively easy to sharpen, albeit within the limit of the 3 blade angles on a flat stone.

I'm a 125 grain fan and only found the SS3 in 100, but based on my first impression I don't foresee myself switching from the Viper...

From: btb
I have so many 100gr ST, I will never change.

From: spike78
That’s what happens when you from a mom and pop to a big corporation. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made in China now. I still have a few standards from the old owner Gary.

From: smarba
Agree spike: Gary was innovative and personable. I still have a few Magnum (the original before they switched to Standard and Magnum models).

From: 12yards
My buddy is going to shoot them. They look like a non vented VPA but shorter profile. He says they fly amazing. He is shooting the SS3

From: ohiohunter
SS3 Look like ozcuts and annihilator had a kid

From: milnrick
The Assailant reminds me a bit of G5's first iteration of the Tekan or Tekan II broadheads. They had a COC tip (3/4" broadhead) that was also a mechanical 2 blade. They seemed to offer the best of both worlds and were hog killing machines until they were discontinued.

That said, if I were going to switch from the Deadmeat or Montec heads currently in my quiver, I'd give these a serious look.

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