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Broadhead Target
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Razorsharp123 08-Jul-21
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Inshart 09-Jul-21
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Cheesehead Mike 10-Jul-21
Hello Gents,

I would like to make one of Cheesehead Mike's homemade targets and saw the plans on an old thread but I have a question for him or anyone who has built one before.

It appears he made his targets 16" deep. Is the 16" depth necessary?

I am planning to make one of these but wondered if pulling in the depth a bit would make it useless. Any advice is appreciated!

Hey Kyle, I've never tried a thinner version. It might be worth a try but I doubt that it would be as durable. The nice thing about the thick one is you can spin it around and shoot either side. If you build a thinner one let us know how it works.

From: Inshart
Just FYI, for me, once I get my broadheads dialed in, I go back to field points for all my practice - shoot a few broadheads just prior to heading out just to double check they are still hitting where they need to be. Saves a lot on the target.

From: Korey Wolfe
Can you pull up the old thread?

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Here's the old thread but Mike's pics are gone. All the info is still there, tho.

From: smarba
Agreed Inshart

Thank you to all for the replies and advice. I will have to think a bit more about whether it is worth it to give it a shot since the sheet foam is pretty pricey.

I do like to shoot broadheads often to make sure everything stays dialed in, me included, and I’m tired of wearing out overpriced broadleaf targets.

If anyone out there has tried this with a 12” depth, please let me know!

From: Dale06
What inshart said above.

From: MarkU
I only shoot broadheads, and, like said above, once one side is shot up, turn it around. Never have problems with pass throughs, but I shoot a longbow.


Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo

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