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From: JSW

JSW's Link
We are only a little over a week away from the P&Y convention in Reno. We have some great hunts, around 60, to auction, next Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th.

I've attached the link. Please notice that the auction times are Pacific Daylight Time. We start around 7:00pm PDT on Friday evening with 9 or 10 hunts.

The main auction is Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm PDT. The Friday start time could be a give or take 7pm so log in early. The Saturday start time is set at 1:30pm.

Check out the sale bill. This could be our best auction lineup ever.

Bid high and bid often.


From: Pat Lefemine
Looks like some bargains there! Like that polar bear hunt or Frank’s Greenland muskox hunt!

From: tkjwonta
If they could figure out a way to hunt polar bears outside of the normal school year, I'd be all over it.

From: milnrick
Watched this afternoon's auction on line. We went 1 for 3, winning the Yellowstone trip. Got out bid on the others.

Was surprised who high a few went, as well as how low others were.

Quilts went for a lot once again!

From: milnrick
The quilts looked great and we looked hard at the quilts but decided to try hard for other items.

Congrats to Annie. Home run! Well done.

So, what does P&Y do with all the money raised?

It's called a Conservation auction... plenty of info on where it goes if you took a couple minutes.

Did you think it was spent on moving the Columbia Blacktail boundary? Ed F

One could hope…Lol

From: SDHNTR(home)
Picked up the TX whitetail hunt here. Excited to go back! Happy to support too.

From: Treeline
Missed a couple that went too high for me and fidgeted a bit too much about a couple of low ones till they were gone. Just a bit edgy about international travel right now with the insanity around the virus.

From: huntinelk
Took a chance on an international hunt that was priced right, been emailing with the outfitter, feel pretty good about the purchase and that the trip will be as advertised.

From: jstephens61
Got a Garmin watch on the silent.

From: mountainman
I picked up a signed copy of Dennis Dunn's Bare Bow book at the silent auction. Looking forward to reading it.

And I was lucky enough to pick up a couple small items from the raffle buckets.

Good times.

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