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CO Sheep&Goat hunter Meet&Greet Jul 24
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From: KHunter

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Details for July 24 Sheep and Goat Hunter Meet & Greet
KHunter's embedded Photo
Details for July 24 Sheep and Goat Hunter Meet & Greet

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For the sole purpose of helping Colorado's 2021 sheep and goat tag holders make the most of their golden opportunity, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society is hosting a tag-holder Meet & Greet on July 24th. Thanks to No Limits Archery for letting us take over their parking lot!

RSVP with this included link and please look over attached flyer for details. A key element to RSVPing is to list the hunt you have (or that you have experience with and are willing to chat up new hunters about) so we can do our best to have folks with experience with your hunt on hand to look at your maps with you etc. to help you shape hunt strategies etc. If you have hunted or guided sheep or Mt. Goat in Colorado, WE WANT YOU, to attend and connect with current crop of hunters in units you know well. This invite includes guides and outfitters. Experienced hunters are asked to list the units they know so we can match you up with this year's hunters to talk sheep/goat hunting.

And it will be a ton of fun too! So if you drew this year (or want to help this new crop of sheep and goat hunters with your knowledge) consider joining us on July 24th! There will be a bunch of folks including previous hunters there just waiting to help you however possible.

KHunter, Kirby Wynn

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From: Ermine
Great opportunity for hunters

From: 2xLung
I'm unable to attend, but happy to pass on all I know regarding S12 and G8. I hunted both of these units in 2019. PM me and I'll be happy to chat!

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