Swoboda transporter Kodiak island
Mule Deer
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ARROW 11-Jul-21
Matt 11-Jul-21
JTreeman 11-Jul-21
Hey guys I have been looking into transporters to do a boat based deer hunt on Kodiak island. The name Swoboda charters came up last night at our annual bowhunters banquet but with little info. I plan on calling they this week but has anyone here been with them or have any info on them. Looks like they have this season almost full so that is a good sign. Thanks for any info.

From: Matt
The transporter I use is now booking for 2023, so perhaps not good if they still have openings this year.

From: JTreeman
Ha, I was thinking the same thing Matt!

Certainly doesn’t mean they are bad, I have no idea, could be an excellent hunt. Kodiak is a cool place and a real (and relatively affordable) adventure. Good luck.


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