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Drew unit 6 moose tag
Contributors to this thread:
Cvohunts 13-Jul-21
Huntcell 13-Jul-21
Jaquomo 13-Jul-21
Mule Power 13-Jul-21
wytex 20-Jul-21
sticksender 20-Jul-21
wytex 21-Jul-21
Quinn @work 21-Jul-21
From: Cvohunts
Looking for any information for unit 6 bull moose tag I drew thanks in advance

From: Huntcell
Wy, Co, Mt, Maine, Ut, Vermont, New Hampshire……??????

From: Jaquomo
If unit 6 in CO, pretty simple. Drive and glass and find a bull, talk to elk hunters in their camps about where they're seeing bulls, stay on him, and kill him in the first couple days before he spooks and you never see him again. The bulls are pretty much in their summer drainages now, so time to start looking. Where they are now is very likely where they will be when your season opens unless spooked out of the country.

From: Mule Power
Huntcell you read my mind. Alaska maybe?

From: wytex
You may find some access easier from Highway 130, Laramie side.

From: sticksender
Wow, nice doubt right up there among the best Shiras Moose tags in the entire west. Are you bow-hunting exclusively? If you can't scout, you might consider going with an outfitter like Scott Limmer of CWO, or others, who can put you on the kind of bull that tag deserves. Hopefully this is not a drive-by post and you will come back here and share the results of your hunt later. Congrats again on your good fortune!

From: wytex
No guide or outfitters needed for that tag. Be patient and you'll find a big bull, or whatever you want to shoot.

From: Quinn @work

Are you bowhunting? Are you familiar with any of the unit? Have you done any scouting yet? If you have or when you have send me a pm and I can try and help.

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