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Montana Mountain Goat in Unit 393
Mountain Goat
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Gus 13-Jul-21
SmokedTrout 13-Jul-21
From: Gus
I am super excited that drew the Non-Res Mountain Goat Tag in Montana's Unit 393. I am planning to bowhunt for my goat in the earlier part of the season. I have done a bunch of research and spoke to a few of the people who have hunted the unit. I have info on a few trailheads to access the unit and such in search of goats. Since I live far away from the unit, I am trying to track down as much information about the hunt and unit as possible. I am considering either camping at the trailheads and heading out daily or maybe even staying in town at a motel. Any information regarding this decision would be appreciated. Info like drive times from Bozeman to the different trailheads, nice motels to stay at, etc. would be helpful. Feel free to Direct Message me if that is better.

From: SmokedTrout
That is a nice tag to have, congrats and good luck!

September is usually nice, I would camp. You might also want to consider an occasional bivy, the hardest part is the long hike to goat country from the trailhead, and you'll have that whether camping near the trailhead or staying in a motel. I wouldn't bivy unless I was near the goats though. I don't have info specific to that distract, but wish you the best of luck. Enjoy it!

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