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Potro 15-Jul-21
Zebrakiller 15-Jul-21
Bushwacker 15-Jul-21
EliteFan 15-Jul-21
hunt forever 15-Jul-21
StickFlicker 16-Jul-21
Firehuntfish 16-Jul-21
hunt forever 16-Jul-21
From: Potro
Do you know if for US citizen returning from Africa are the authorities asking for a Free Covid test ? We have our safari from August 10 to the 20 and we are flying from Africa trough New York and then Mexico. They are asking us for the test, but is there is a place where we can take the test while hunting in the Limpopo area?

From: Zebrakiller
yes your PH should arrange for you to get it done 72 hours before you depart, But it wont be free

From: Bushwacker
Yes, not free. I just got back from two trips in May and June. There are plenty of places in South Africa to get tested, three days before departure. It runs about $80 US and you usually get the results within 12-24 hours. Or, you can take a RAPID test at the airport in Johannesburg. It takes about 30 minutes for the results and again, it was around $75 or $80 US if I remember the sign posted out front correctly. Your PH should be familiar with several places as they get tested pretty often over there. It's not a big deal, just an inconvenience and a financial hit.

From: EliteFan
Look into the emed home covid test for travel. I used it on return from Iceland and it was slick as heck.

From: hunt forever
What Bushwacher said

From: StickFlicker
I would not think that a home test would be acceptable? There is nobody to verify that it was actually YOU that was tested.

From: Firehuntfish
"Look into the emed home covid test for travel. I used it on return from Iceland and it was slick as heck."

The only Covid test acceptable for travel to and from Africa is a PCR test that must be performed by a licensed clinician with results returned no later than 72 hours from time of departure. .

From: hunt forever
Fire hunt fish is correct. It must be with 72 hours of your 1st flight departure. When they took our test they just confirmed that it was within the 72 hours and was a PCR test. It was really fast and easy.

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