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Arizona 3A-3C
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Buglebreath 17-Jul-21
Southern draw 17-Jul-21
SBH 17-Jul-21
SDHNTR(home) 18-Jul-21
Treeline 18-Jul-21
Boris 18-Jul-21
casper 18-Jul-21
From: Buglebreath
My brother-in-law and I drew early archery tags in Arizona 3A-3C and live in NC and are trying to gather information on the unit if anybody has hunted that unit has any info they are willing to share it would be much appreciated .

If you are looking for a guide I can recommend Burnt timber outfitters . Self guided I would recommend hanging out near the reservation border as always nothing like being there before the season starts a having time to look around some. Good luck with your hunts.

From: SBH
Congrats. I spent some time down there this past spring shed hunting with the family. Can't help much at all though as that was the only time I've been. Hope you have a great hunt, keep us posted. Lots of varied terrain and I would imagine water will be important.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Join Epic or Huntin Fool and get their list of prior tag holders. You have an incredible tag. Do it justice.

From: Treeline
That is an awesome tag! Hunted there 14 years ago. Would love to draw it again. There are elk all over those units. Don’t overlook the low country north just out of Heber-Overgard back to Show Low. Have fun! Good luck!

From: Boris
Look up Timber Mesa Archery Shop in Show low, Arizona. Those guys could help with some info about that unit.

From: casper
You Have drawn one of the best elk tags in the entire West. don't cut yourself short on time 10 days min or the entire hunt. There is a good chance you will never have this tag in your pocket ever again in your life so gather the info and enjoy Az .

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