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From: wkochevar
Primarily a question for local Alaskans.....Looking for recent data on sheep populations for the Alaska range unit 20A. All I can find on site is 5+ years old. Outfitter says there are no sheep and wants to cancel or just hunt moose.... I am not looking for a debate on the outfitter or this situation (I will handle that myself), just trying to confirm recent population data if its available. Appreciate any info anyone can provide. You can PM is you'd rather Thanks, Kip

Don't over-think this... just call the Area Biologist in the Fairbanks Office. Tony Hollis 907-459-7256


^^^ They would know best. There have been a couple bad winters, and increased pressure from Canada being closed last year.

By Far the best place to bow hunt Dall's sheep is NWT......

Yes. Bad bad winters. I went last year and it was brutal. I know Tok area was hurt pretty bad.

I would say your outfitter is doing you a favor.... He could say lets go hunt sheep, knowing you have no chance at getting one but still take your money.

There were two years back-to-back with nearly 100% lamb mortality 7-8 years ago in much of the Brooks. That, plus everyone killing all the 7 year olds has caused an expected few years where a few of these areas are not going to have many mature rams. The biologist I talked to 3 years ago told me it was coming. There are still rams, but all the low-lying fruit areas don't have any.

From: LKH
You have an outfitter who is telling you he doesn't want to take your money. I can't think of a more honest action he could take. He could have had you hunt and then just say it was bad luck that you never found a legal ram.

Your desire to hunt sheep should not cause you to push for a sheep hunt for animals that aren't there.

Listen to him.

From: JDM
Sheep hunts are long days hiking and glassing - not too tough. Moose hunts are less glassing and walking but when one is down everyone takes a beating getting them out. If I were a guide, I'd be pushing for going sheep hunting over moose hunting.

Oh, and I went sheep hunting last year in the Alaska range and it was tough finding legal sheep but did kill on day 6 of a 8 day hunt (rifle)

From: Gadjet
"Sheep hunts are long days hiking and glassing - not too tough." LOL! You must be a lucky one that happened to have a fairly easy sheep hunt. The reality is, sheep hunting can be downright brutal at times. wkochevar I'm curious, who is your outfitter? I killed a ram in 20A last fall and yes, mature rams were very hard to find.

Full curl rams are always difficult to find in 20A. That subunit is Fairbanks' "back yard" and a ton of resident hunters sheep hunt there. On top of there, it is covered up by guides.

All of that said, if you are willing to walk a good long way back into the glacier country (read: further than others are willing to walk...!) there are legal rams.

A few years ago, I guided a client to a 13 year old ram in 20A. That old ram had effectively eluded a ton of sheep hunters for a long time.

Your guide will know what the situation is in his Guide Use Area. The ADFG biologist will share info on surveys and composition data.


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