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Walking Sticks
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From: Tradmike
I am 71 yrs young. I have an elk hunt planned for September and was thinking about getting some walking sticks. Will they help me stay in the game? What sticks should I get?

From: Jasper
Check out Black Diamonds

From: Sunset
Trekking poles/walking sticks are like 4-wheel drive for your feet!

Trekking poles are worth every penny and then some. I love my Leki Corklites, but brand is irrelevant as long as you get a quality pair. Whichever you go with, I’d recommend lever locks over twist locks. I don’t use them while I’m hunting, but I can no longer pack an elk out without them.

trekking poles are like four wheel drive for humans and they greatly help your balance. i dont go without them.

From: BTM
Agree totally with the 4WD comments. My poles aren't fancy or expensive, just a pair of old ski poles that cost a buck apiece at a thrift store.

From: Huntcell
What guidelines for setting pole length?

Do the straps go under the wrist or over the wrist?

Are you using them by planting ahead of your Torso and pulling forward or planting the pole even with torso and pushing off?

Any you tube vid that shows proper use???

From: JL

JL's embedded Photo
JL's embedded Photo
I was using old ski poles from the thrift store and they worked ok. I broke down and bought some trekking poles the other day on EBay and put them together today. I paid $41 for this set. I haven't used them yet but they seem pretty sturdy. I used the poles on my last antelope hunt and they were a lifesaver going up and down the ridges, ravines and hills.

From: KSflatlander
To set pole height your forearms should be parallel with the ground when gripping the pole (90 degree bend in the elbow). The strap should go around the back of the wrist and through the palm (strap between the palm and the pole grip). It kind of creates a spring action if you have the tension right. On flat ground I have the pole angled backwards and push off. It helps save the hip flexors. Push off going uphill and balancing when going downhill or over obstacles.


Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Poles from Walmart. $20. Adjustable. Alum, light weight. I place a few strips of red tape on each one so when I lay them on the ground, I can find them better. A necessary going up and down hills with weight on your back. Good stabilization going over rock, trees, etc. Most come with a steel tip which I use most often. Many also have a rubber tip cover if one wants to be less noisy. (never use that tip cover) Consider shorting or lengthen the poles when going up and then down trails for better stability.

From: Zim
I’m 39 and started using them a few years ago. Helps save your leg muscles (substantially) when ascending and is a lifesaver if you have to pack an animal out on your back. I never go out west without them. Another vote for Leki cork lites

From: DanaC
Are you talking a single stick or a pair? I cut my own walking sticks -wading staffs, prefer cherry. Leave bark on the handle end, lightly sand and spray with poly. Drill a hole and use paracord to attach to belt.

If there's a hiking/camping shop nearby they'd be worth a visit for paired 'trekking poles'.

From: lewis
I’ll be 75 and the Black Diamond have served me well good luck Lewis

From: Ursman
Wouldn’t be without poles. Saves wear and tear on your knees. At 83 l know they make it a more stable hike and l do need stability. They shift some of the weight bearing to the shoulders from your knees. Also good for poking at snakes!

From: greg simon
No offense to Paul, but I'd much rather follow the model in JL's post up the trail!!!

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's embedded Photo
Rut Nut's embedded Photo
I have used the lightweight aluminum poles for years from Walmart with no issues.

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