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oilcan 22-Jul-21
WI Shedhead 22-Jul-21
From: oilcan
I’m in need of a ground blind for an Archery Antelope Hunt. I had one lined up to borrow from a friend but apparently his son to it and forgot it where he was hunting. Not looking to break the bank just need a sturdy one big enough to shoot a bow from. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

From: WI Shedhead
Buy once cry once. $100 blinds are junk and if it’s windy (which it always is) it will not hold up. Xenex builds are awesome. I bought thier first gen model and the stakes were a little on the weak side. The case doubles as a backpack as well. Double bull blinds are great too but a little heavier and the window system is not as infinitely adjustable as the xenex and accessories not as numerous. The best blind stakes out are the double bulls. Go to thier store and order an extra pack. U won’t regret it. Finally, get a good chair!!!!!! 12 hours in a blind sucks if your hunched over and uncomfortable. Millennium has a top end chair and I own 2 cabelas blind chairs that have a decade of hard use on them. $500- $600 will get you into a blind set up that will last you a really really long time that lets you hunt more effective.

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