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Anyone hunting 84 in WY?
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DonVathome 22-Jul-21
wytex 22-Jul-21
jstephens61 22-Jul-21
Firsty 22-Jul-21
JohnMC 22-Jul-21
Pop-r 24-Jul-21
DonVathome 25-Jul-21
From: DonVathome
Is anyone archery elk hunting in unit 84 in WY?

From: wytex
Too many bears for me, good luck. It's big country.

From: jstephens61
Hunted 85 & 89 in 2019. Never saw the first bear of any type. Every trailhead was full and dirt bikes everywhere.

From: Firsty
Is this a general unit? Me and a couple buddy's have the general tag and are looking for a few leads.

From: JohnMC
not me

From: Pop-r
Js61 I bet he really appreciates your comment! Good job!

From: DonVathome
I know about the bears. I hunted 56 last year. Wow. I got my living will, will and power of attorney in order before I left. I was glad I did. We saw griz sign EVERYWHERE. We laid eyes on 6-8 griz in 6 days.

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