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olebuck 23-Jul-21
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From: olebuck
Who here has used this in the past? I picked up a few new leases that will require me to have some type of liability insurance. just shopping around on the internet I've found several options that seam easy for under $300.

Does anyone have any input or experience, or a reference for a product that you have used in the past?

From: Bow Crazy

Bow Crazy's Link
Here is one from the National Deer Association (formally QDMA). They have been selling this policy for many years.

From: Stubbleduck
Would be interesting to hear of any actual, with court references, cases of suits against hunting lease holders.

From: Jethro
Haven't had a lease for about 5/6 years. When we did though we had insurance with QDMA (NDA). At that time it was significantly cheaper than any other options. No hassles either. All done on-line, very easy.

Does does the insurance plan cover accidental death?

True story my Buddy had a visitor riding a 4wheeler on the lease in the summer and they rolled it and died…..

The family did not pursue any legal action (the individual had a history of substance abuse, and was potentially under the influence) but I’m sure it could have been a nightmare….

What do these policies usually cover?

From: Candor
Check with your state forestry association. You will likely have to join but they have some reasonable products in some states.

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