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Cutting trails to stands?
Whitetail Deer
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How do you cut trails to your stands so deer don't start using them? I would like to cut one into an area but I don't want the deer to start using it as one of their runways. Thoughts or ideas?

From: goyt
I do not think that I do. If a trail dead ends at my stand they will only follow it while it is going where they want to go. I just try to come in from a way that they will not be using and leave it at that. Wider trails with no vegetation allow me to walk them leaving the smalls amount of scent.

Don't think you can cut a trail in the woods that the deer won't use. Bigger bucks tend to stay in the thicker brush. The rest of them likes to take the path of least resistance ........ ......sometimes. Been hunting deer for 70 plus years. Sometimes I think I got them figured out. But then they show me I'm not as smart as I think I am.

From: RMhunter
On our Illinois lease we use a Dr mower to cut trails in to our stands bit I always make the main trails 30yds from the stand then make a small trail off of it to trees I like to climb. If not it's so thick that you sound like a team of Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon thru the woods going in with climber on your back. By doing this the deer seem to use the main mowed trails and not the off shoots

From: Shuteye
I cut trails to my stands and use a leaf blower to get down to bare ground. Instantly there will be deer tracks in the dirt trails.

From: Kevin Dill
Cut the trail so it runs on past your tree another 20 yards. Keep that trail 10-15 yards away from your tree, and then (from it) create a subtle trail directly to your tree. I don’t ever come in from behind my tree, as deer will silently walk the trail and catch you before you’re aware of them.

Some good advice so far from guys. Try this as well, roundup the trail where you want the deer to travel. They will always take the path of least resistance and a trail that is void of grass and other debri will be taken over quickly. I just did that earlier this year where I wanted the deer to walk through the tall grass and goldenrod within shooting range of my stand and the new trail is getting hammered. Can't wait for the season to start....

From: DanaC
Make sure the prevailing wind blows from the trail towards your stand.

From: Shuteye
DanaC, I have done that for many years.

From: TGbow
Deer will use the trails no matter what you do I would think

From: Bow Crazy
Make stand access trails off your regular access trails, along the edge of your property if you can. Your stand access trails should dead end at the base of your tree, and along the trail place some obstacles. If you do both, there is really not a lot of reasons for the deer to travel along your stand access trails. Also, keep your hunting/habitat improvements in front of your stand, help them travel, give them reason, to pass by your stands in front of them. Hunt the stand with your wind blowing from your stand to your access trails. It works for me. BC

From: Pat Lefemine
I bought a Milwaukee 18v hedge trimmer/pole saw for clearing lanes and access trails. Those battery powered devices have really come a long way and are perfect for that type of job.

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