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Arrows for my wife?
Whitetail Deer
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She is shooting a Powermax Vicxen 25” draw length.

She is shooting 43# now, and she wants to get to 45# for hunting season (Iowa whitetail).

Any idea on spine for her, also which arrow shaft would be best (5 mm or bigger, no micro shafts as I don’t like outserts). I want her to be at 500 grains all in for penetration, likely shooting Magnus Stinger 150’s or Cutthroat 150’s


From: Pop-r
Interested in why you don't like outserts? With what you explain she'll have to aim at the moon to hit anything at 30 yds I figure. I'm a heavy arrow fanatic but I'm not sure I would be with that setup.

I have played around with nearly every 4mm shaft out there except the new Eastons with their titanium outserts.

They all inevitably develop a wobble, if they even spin right to begin with.

I don’t have an arrow saw, nor do I have any faith in my local archery shop to put a dozen arrows together with outserts that will be concentric.

I really like the idea of the micro shafts, especially for her setup, but straight flying arrows will be a must for her.

Regarding the weight, I’d imagine a heavier setup would be even more important for her since she won’t have the ability to get much speed anyway.

We are shooting for pass-thru’s

We may even go with aluminums for her, much easier to get the weight needed for good penetration.

I don’t know if I’m convinced that sub 500 grain arrow will have the @ss behind it to penetrate well.

Any ladies on this forum-how have you setup your bows and whats been your experience?

Find an arrow that tunes well. Then let her shoot something.

In college, I had a friend who was very petite. She wanted to bow hunt. But, wasn’t very strong. We got her arrows tuned well to her bow. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she wasn’t going to kill anything. I think I could have grabbed the shaft out of the air. She shot two deer that year and got two holes in both. From a tree stand.

Don’t over think this.

From: hdaman
My wife shoots a similar setup. Standard fmj's and 100gr slick tricks fly just fine for her.

From: x-man
When my kids were little they used the same arrows I did. With a well tuned modern compound bow, and when shooting with a release, you just can't be over-spined. One thing I don't like are short arrows. My kids were able to hit same point of impact with field points and Stinger broad heads using my 28" arrows at 420 grains. Every arrow passed through except the one my oldest son hit the leg bone/shoulder joint.

I'm shooting 45# now due to shoulder issues. Have been for a few years. No issues with penetration at all. Just don't shoot mechanicals.

From: joehunter
cut shafts a 27inches - 75 grain Brass inserts - 5mm - 400 spine - Axis shafts - 125 grain head - wraps with one of the heavier weight vanes and lighted nocks - should get you to 500 grain weight with good Foc Go hunt!

From: Brotsky
My wife shoots 500 spine Easton FMJ's, standard HIT insert, and 100 gr RAD Madman 4 blades. She draws 40# and 24". She blows through everything she shoots, bears, whitetails, pronghorn. Arrow weight is probably around 380 gr. She has plenty of mustard for a whitetail, just get her set-up tuned and if she does her job the set-up will do its. Good luck to you guys!

Thanks all! Looking at some FMJ's with regular inserts and 150 gr heads, should spine out just fine for her

From: rooster
My wife shoots a Charger Vixen model and both Black Eagle and Gold Tip arrows. Her draw is 25 inches and her poundage nearly the same as your wife. Her broadheads are 90 gr Muzzy 4 blades. She has had complete penetration and/or pass throughs on the deer and pronghorn she has killed.

Thanks all! Looking at some FMJ's with regular inserts and 150 gr heads, should spine out just fine for her

Thanks Rooster!

Do you know offhand how much her arrows weigh?

From: LINK
I’ve used weed eater string to get my daughters 23” arrows up to 450 grains. She has a 15,20,25 yard pin, lol.

From: Korey Wolfe
Depending on the brand, but that could be an excellent trade.

From: GF
You guys crack me up.

400 grains at 160 fps has killed probably everything in North America short of the really big bears and will kill just about whatever you want quite reliably if you don’t handicap your arrow with poor tuning or a broadhead that’s designed more for aerodynamics than for penetration. Magnus Stinger is a good one.

No, you cannot deliberately take bad angles and yes, you need to wait for a shot at a calm animal. It’s called Bowhunting. That’s what you signed up for, right? If not, get a crossbow or a suitable firearm.

And #2 of draw weight? I guess if she’s shooting extra light now and you’re re-tuning to make weight on the new arrow… but otherwise it seems like inventing a problem.

FWIW, I love aluminum. Straight as can be, super easy to tune, no special tools needed to trim for length, no carbon dust to wreck your lungs, no problems with hot-melt and you can get whatever mass you want as long as you’re not trying to minimize it. An 1820 (Genesis series) Aluminum runs 12.2 GPI, I believe. Aluminum also snaps off neatly, so if you don’t get a clean pass-through for any reason, there will be one or two trail-markers dropped along the way to your recovery site and no deer running around with an arrow sticking out of it to attract attention. Probably less of an issue in IA than here in the ‘burbs, but in the event of a non-fatal hit, there’s probably better chances of the animal being able to heal over the aluminum.

The Achilles’ heel(s) of Aluminum is/are careless removal from a target butt and hitting anything really hard… or something like skipping an arrow off the side of a target on a 3D course.

I’m a bit young for aluminum, no clue what spine she would need.

From: GF
Go ahead… Twist the knife!

Easton has all manner of spine charts (Eastonarchery.com, right?); they’re also on pg 55 of the new Lancaster catalog, but if I were to hazard a guess…based entirely on the chart…. Looks like a 25” 1916 with a 150 Stinger up front will go 400 and change (10 GPI is 250, +150 for the head plus inserts, nock & fletch).

Pipe cutter if you need to trim the length. And you can always call and ask.

If her bow will throw that arrow at 240 fps, that’s about a 50% performance boost over a lot of bows that have killed many truckloads of deer.

I shoot a 28” 1916 from about #52 and they’re a shade weak with 125 up front; dead nuts to 20 yards, bare shaft, but they start getting weird and showing around 25. According to accepted wisdom, that should shoot through anything in North America. That’s assuming under about 180fps, or maybe 190, tops.

She’s not undergunned, IMO.

From: rooster
Iowa, sorry I don't know the weight of her arrows I'm guessing the are sub 400 grains but, not sure.

Hey GF-my apologies I didn’t intend to come off that way haha!

I’m just inexperienced with aluminum is all. I’ll look up some arrow charts to see what we can make work for her!

From: Jaquomo
I thought this was going to be like "Arrows for Elk" threads......

From: GF
No worries, Jake! Aluminum. Great stuff.

We went with the local Scheels arrows in 500 spine. They are made by Victory, .003 and +\- .5 grains.

They had em on sale, half doz for 34.99- I threw in Gold Tips 100 gr brass insert, thinking with 125 tips she’ll be right at 425 or so.

At that price, they were cheaper than aluminum (wouldn’t have to pay shipping costs).

Thanks for all the help

From: Mathewsphone
My daughter shoots 600 spine arrows 100gr points 45lbs 25" mathews sdx she killed a big horn last yr at 27 yards I never found the arrow pass thru I think more speed and a 7/8 " broadhead better than a lot of foc with short draw compound as long no big bone is hit

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