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Favorite belt when wearing a pack.
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From: midwest
What's a good belt that's comfortable to wear under your pack belt?

Looking at Marsupial Gear's stretch belt, Kuiu's climbing belt, Grip 6, Black Ovis....too many choices!

From: kadbow
I am very happy with the Marsupial but haven’t used it with a heavy pack yet. Did not like the black ovis and the buckle fell apart after one use. The kuiu belt I have does not stay tight.

From: Grey Ghost
I wear a 1-1/2" wide nylon belt with a clipped buckle, like a backpack strap. I think it came with a pair of light weight fishing pants I bought. It's the lowest profile belt I have, and is by far the most comfortable under my pack hip belt.


From: smarba
Ditch the belt and go with suspenders and never look back...

Kifaru 1” belt.. anything really that’s not stiff and utilizes webbing and no buckle

From: Jethro
Eddie Bauer Genius belt has been comfortable underneath my pack.

From: Lost Arra
Ancient Patagucci webbing belt.

From: ohiohunter
Kuiu or black ovis. Both nylon with flat buckles, I prefer the kuiu Bc it’s one piece and doesn’t clank if you gotta drop trowel.

From: nmwapiti
I wear the Kuiu. No problems.

From: Brotsky
I have the Kuiu and the Black Ovis, I'm still looking like you are if that tells you anything! Get something with some stretch! Going to try the First Lite belt next.

From: APauls
Have Kuiu climbing. No issues. Looks brand new after like 5 years.

From: EMB
Cheap ACU belts.

From: HoytHntr4
I really like my Marsupial

From: TD
I like the KUIU. Don't know how many years old, like they said, still looks new.

Belts that stretch??? Had an uncle that wore his pants up just below his nipples.... he had a stretchy belt....

Maybe I'm missing the concept.... maybe yoga pants, no belt at all...... =D

From: walleyes
Been using a grip 6 ultralight this year under the pack and no issues. Holds tight and doesn’t interfere with buckle.

From: cnelk
Only people with too much time on their hands wear suspenders

From: Scar Finga
I just wear a smooth adjustable belt and suspenders when I pack out meat!

I have no ass, and my pants always fell down before I did this.

CNELK.. I work almost 80 hours a week... But I only wear suspenders when I hunt! LOL!

From: butcherboy
I’ve been wearing a grip6 and like it quite a bit. Groovebelt looks interesting but it’s a stretchy belt so....

From: McCree
Hill People Gear makes an "under pack" belt. I have no complaints about it.

From: gil_wy
London Bridges Trading medium duty belt… great belt. Their riggers belt works great too.


Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo
I like a belt with some mass. Woooo!

From: Whocares
Brad, gotta think about that one for a bit.

From: Jaquomo
No Sitka belt fans? WTF?

From: jordanathome
No need for a belt when you got a sling shot.

From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
I have the Kuiu climbing belt and it's not bad but with a heavy pack it can pinch on the buckle. They have a new low profile buckle I'd like to try.

From: Surfbow
Eddie Bauer Genius belt, they're often on sale in the store for about $12-15

From: butcherboy
I didn’t need to see that Jordan! Are you sure your OK?! Lol

From: jordanathome
LOL....removed the pic. It was a bit much. At least he was manscaped for the season....thought it went well with Rob's Teton Backside post......LOLOLOL

On a serious note, I prefer to wear my Duluth Trading Dry on the Fly pants which come with a woven cloth belt. Hunting, scouting, fav. Lots of easy access pockets, light, comfortable and dry quickly.

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