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Calf call
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From: Slider14
Hey guys, I just drew a cow tag this year! What is the best call to sound like a calf in distress call! I know I may call in a bear as well but trying to figure out how to hunt a cow with a bow! Thanks??

From: Buckeye
what state?

Go to Google search, Youtube and type in the same question "elk calf in distress call" . You will find a variety of videos on the subject.

From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's embedded Photo
WapitiBob's embedded Photo
Best one I’ve ever used is the elk inc bite call. Partner sent me a new call that’s pretty much the same but different. Reeds also work very well but I suck at using those for cow sounds.

When I opened your thread and read “calf in distress” I couldn’t help but smile. MANY years ago, I saw an ad for a Calf in Distress cassette tape by Garth Carter. I figured what the heck, and ordered it. The first time I listened to it, I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt! It was the most pathetic thing I’d ever heard. lol! At first I figured I wasted my money, but as it turned out it's been worth it’s weight in gold…we still listen to it every year in camp just for a good belly laugh!

I’ve heard a few others attempt this call and all I can do is shake my head. Personally, I’d recommend a lost calf call, which can be extremely effective and much easier to sound realistic. Also, listen for bugles and chuckles. Once the rut kicks in, where there’s a bull, there are normally cows as well. Get in as tight as possible and it’s quite possible one will wander within range, especially if you hit occasional calf mews.

If you're in a good spot, it can be very productive to use a short series of cow mews every few minutes. Due to completely unpredictable afternoon/early evening winds, I've hunted exclusively out of my treestand in the evening for the past 25 years or so. I very rarely bugle since I don't want to announce my presence to other hunters. I've called in bulls and cows every year except for two.

From: Mt. man
Just practice and learn with a Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls diaphram and you're good to go.

Hoochie Mama calf call--------> haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Slider14
Hey wyobullshooter, what’s the name of the calf call that you recommend! Many thanks, Ken

My favorite for years was the Mellow Yellow Mama diaphragm by Rocky Mtn Elk Calls….until I tried the calls by Phelps. They are amazing. For calf mews, I prefer the Amp Grey diaphragm. It’s higher pitched and extremely easy to use.

From: Norseman
IMO those bite n blow calls make wonderful calf sounds.

From: ElkNut1
Just about any good single reed (mouth reed/diaphragm) or external reed cow call will produce calf chatter. It's up to the user to use the right amount of air flow on whatever they choose!


From: Chuckster
I've got an old Sceery bite call that I like.

From: Jaquomo
I use the same diaphragm for all the bull sounds, all the cow and calf sounds. Phelps Dragon Slayer. But not every diaphragm fits every mouth. External reeds are good too, but IMO not nearly as versatile as a diaphragm. I regularly call in cows for rifle hunters with a lost calf call, as well. Works all year round.

From: Slider14
Just ordered a couple of Phelps calls ?? Thanks guys ??

From: elkmtngear
I called in a 360ish Bull last Year, using an external reed and diaphragm both, in quick succession (cow/calf talk...he came in hot and screaming).

This was about 200 yards after a bugle returned nothing.

Sometimes, you don't get your "target audience", lol !

From: Slider14
Just ordered a couple of Phelps calls ?? Thanks guys ??

From: Shuteye
I have never hunted elk but many years ago a friend on this site gave me a deer call, Tru Talker. During a snow storm I was about 20 feet up a tree in a climbing stand. It was mid day and I was plying with the call. I was trying to sound like a fawn in distress. Nine antler less deer came running in. I double lunged a huge doe and watched her fall about 50 yards away. I didn't need a blood trail since I knew where the deer was but I learned something about blood trails. There was a huge amount of blood on both sides of the deer's tracks. I mean several feet on both sides of the deer's tracks. Then about 20 yards from the dead deer there was blood in the tracks. She was blowing blood out of her nose and mouth.

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