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NL Moose Week 2 October Thoughts
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NJStykbow 30-Jul-21
spike buck 30-Jul-21
Katahdin 30-Jul-21
From: NJStykbow
The pandemic has adjusted schedules for all hunters. We may have the opportunity to hunt NL moose the second full week of October (11-16) this year or stay with the last full week of September next year. Has anyone bowhunted there those dates in October? If so, what were your thoughts on the hunting conditions and opportunities? Thanks in advance.

From: spike buck
Good chance you'll miss the rut with the October 11-16th week. I haven't hunted NL.

From: Katahdin
I've hunted Newfoundland moose 3 times. All three successful with one a bow kill. I believe I hunted once during the week you are asking about or maybe the week before in October. That time of October would be like November for deer. The crazy rut will be over but there will still be cows that have not bred. You will probably be hunting in snow. My advice is if you can do a hunt now in this crazy world I would go and not wait.

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