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pav 30-Jul-21
BOHNTR 30-Jul-21
I am a non-res that drew 12A archery deer tag and I am having a difficult time trying to gain information about the unit and hitting roadblocks in trying to get a hold of area biologist or warden. Flagstaff office was less than helpful and Phoenix office won't answer the phone. I have never been to the unit. With the late notice on the draw, and the fires in the area, Forest closed then reopened, I have not made a scouting trip. Now with monsoon rain and several forest roads closed, I am trying to sort out if this is the year to take advantage of point guard and turn the tag back in. (not in my nature) My plan is to get there three days before season and scout, then develop a plan. What I don't know is if the road closures will have a major impact on good areas that I cannot access. I have some spots picked out on the map that look good to me, just looking for info on if I am on the right track or way off the mark. Anyone willing to chime in or knows who or how to get a hold of area warden, I am all ears and would much appreciate it. Thanks

From: pav
I think showing up a few days early is a good plan. Had the same tag last year and that was my original plan too. Unfortunately, my doctor had different ideas and I didn't arrive on the Kaibab until the 4th day of season. Roads were actually being closed the day I got there due to the Magnum fire. Came up with a Plan B on the fly and had a great hunt. Best of luck!

They’ve been hammered with rain......all the water holes have water, lots of lupine and other browse, and the antler development should top out well. I would look at/near areas where the latest fires have been. If you don’t want the tag, I’ll take it. :)

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