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Index finger release for women?
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Iowabowhunter 31-Jul-21
Dino 31-Jul-21
Bou'bound 31-Jul-21
wyobullshooter 31-Jul-21
ohiohunter 31-Jul-21
mainecheesehead 31-Jul-21
joehunter 31-Jul-21
Ironbow-cell 31-Jul-21
Castle Oak 01-Aug-21
Iowabowhunter 03-Aug-21
rooster 03-Aug-21
stringgunner 03-Aug-21
Hey all, looking for a new release for my wife.

My trufire hardcore buckle fold back is too long in the post for her, her index finger just barely reaches the trigger.

Looking for an index release that she can get more of her pointer finger around the trigger to be able to use back tension.

She is 5’2” and fairly small hands.

Any ideas?

From: Dino
If it’s back tension you would like, why not buy a hand held like a Carter evolution release?

From: Bou'bound
Scott shark

I don’t know what you’re willing to spend, but IMO you can’t get better than Carter releases. I have relatively small hands and I prefer the Quickie. It’s a trigger-forward hook release. I’d recommend the nylon strap vs the barrel attachment since it’s infinitely adjustable. She’d have no problem getting her finger around the trigger, away from her fingertip.

From: ohiohunter
I’ve been really impressed with my cheap tru ball shooter release, I’ve always shot Scott in the past (30yrs or so). They offer junior sized buckle strap, should fit a female fine. Rope adjustment with a nice locking feature, fine release worth more than asking price.

Scott lil goose

From: joehunter
I will second - Scott lil goose or the women's version - The Fox -

From: Ironbow-cell
Bought a Truball Stinger Jr for my daughter with a buckle. Fits her small hands great and we can get the trigger back far enough.

From: Castle Oak
Take a look at the Scott Echo or Carter Like Mike. Both are highly adjustable. The key is to have the release triggered with the middle of the index finger.

Went with the Scott Fox for her, hopefully shows up soon. She is really starting to shoot pretty well considering she has only shot 4 times!

From: rooster
I've shortened up every index finger release I've owned. Those with a threaded rod between the strap and the head of the release require you to shorten the threaded rod and tube that covers it. As mentioned above those releases with the nylon strap between the wrist strap and head are easily shortened. All that said my wife uses a Scott release with the adjustable nylon strap.

From: stringgunner
Scott makes a youth/woman release. My son who is 12 tried my Scott shark for a while but it was too big for the same problems you are stating. The youth/woman release is better. Not sure if they make them currently, we found his new on eBay.

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