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Tendinitis from handheld release
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Blood 31-Jul-21
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So, I recently switched to a three finger Carter Wise Choice from a wrist strap release. I think the switch caused tendinitis in my elbow. It's weird, cause at the time I didn't realize it, and I started to get discomfort while weightlifting in the one elbow. I started to reduce the weightlifting but kept shooting regularly. Finally I wondered if It was the release.

So, I took a month off of shooting and weightlifting. But I like to fish. It's hard not to do something. Well, fishing is bothering my elbow too.

I tried shooting the other day, and it is really flaring up. There is almost nothing I can do that I enjoy that doesn't bother my elbow.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is it common for a finger release to cause this?

From: Matt
I've had the same thing happen with a hand-held release.

From: Matte
Common for old folks. How old are you?

From: Blood
Where’s your tendinitis? In the bicep where it inserts into your forearm? Or in the elbow itself?? I have pain in the biceps because of how I draw my bow….but I know it and accept it.

From: Blood

From: Inshart
Back in 2001, as I was building my house, my right elbow began giving me issues. After about a month, even lifting my hammer hurt to the point every hour or so I had to take a break.

Hurt my back, chiropractor was adjusting my back and I groaned when I flipped over. Short explanation from him about tendinitis and what causes it and how to cure it, and he put his thumb into my elbow, other hand on my wrist and gave it a heck of a jerk - repeated that one more time. Back to work on my house the next day and I haven't had tendinitis since.

I'm 37, pretty fit guy.

Pain is right on the outside of the elbow joint/bone thing. Tender to the touch.

Bigfishhunter, I have the same problem....I also have the same problem fishing. when we go tuna/shark I can no longer fight standup because of my elbow. I had to get bent butt roads for the 80 and 130 wides when targeting the large sharks and large bluefin. I can stand up school bluefin on 50w but thats my limit. and even after a couple of those my elbow is killing me

From: GFL
Yes a hand held will give you tendinitis.

Look into TENEX for a fix.

A wrist strap release shouldn’t give you a problem.

From: WapitiBob

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Get the Juice and get on with life.

From: EMB
I get it my bow arm. Had a good case of both tennis and golf elbow last fall. Forearm stretches, Voltarin gel daily and light exercises. Try a couple of weeks of no bent arm exercises-pull downs, bench, curls, etc-you get the idea. Takes a while to go away, and mine (tennis elbow) still lingers, but it's to the point that doesn't bother me much. I also found that moving seat up a few inches while driving helped too. Good luck.

From: Buckeye
mine took a long while to clear up. If it had gotten any worse i probably would have had to see a chiropractor. I figure if I go easy on it and wait long enough , It will eventually go away!

From: Wild Bill
Use ice/cold on the joint before bed.

Lots of good advice, some of which may provide relief, some may not. From someone who’s dealt with chronic elbow issues for many years, do yourself a favor and see an orthopedic specialist. Whether it’s an injection like WB’s, or a different treatment like I get, they can recommend medication/therapy that can calm down the inflammation both short term and long term.

From: Boatman71
I use a resistance release (two finger) and shoot hundreds or more arrows each week. I have been uphill and downhill with tendonitis over the past several years. One "simple" thing that seems to help me is to drink ALOT of water. Thanks for all the advice from others as well. Good information.

From: PTArcher
Bigfishhunter, It appears you have lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow). Ice and stretching can offer some temporary relief. Injections help some, but are generally not very effective in epicondylosis as its a degenerative problem, rather than an inflammatory one. Some people also get some relief from a counterforce brace. The area becomes painful as a result of too much load (either high resistance or high repetition) and/or inability to handle load (strength and resilency). The best management involves both. Rest from the provocative activity, in this case shooting with your hand held release, and improving the tissues ability to handle stress, ie strengthening and stretching-with strengthening being most important. Any tendonosis is a relative slow healer. Patience is the key. With the best care, most of these take at least 6-8 weeks to resolve. Best of Luck.

From: rattles33
Ah the ol' tennis elbow. A nemesis of mine for years. Unfortunately, unless caught extremely early, my flareups usually last 6mo. Worst was was 18 mo. and according to doc, other then some temporary relief given by a cortisone shot [which has its own side effects that can make future flareups worse], time is the only cure. About the best you can do is find workarounds for the movements that cause the most pain. Curious if you are on statins? After several bouts of tendenitis some research indicated that certain statins can contribute to dr changed my statin and it does appear to cut down on breakouts.

From: GhostBird
Just recovering from the exact same thing, tennis elbow. Get yourself a neoprene elbow strap with a raised gel pad to put around the elbow. Nothing helped until I used one for about a month. Also tried my best to not stress that elbow during that period and I'm finally better.

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