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Hunt98 04-Aug-21
SlipShot 04-Aug-21
ILBow288 04-Aug-21
darralld 04-Aug-21
From: Hunt98
The atv disc that I have, both of the tires are weathered and no longer hold air. I keep it at the land that I have three, 1 acre food plots. I don’t travel too far with it, just between plots.

Will flat free tires work?

From: SlipShot

SlipShot's embedded Photo
SlipShot's embedded Photo
Put tubes in the tires. I have 8 foot trailer that I pull behind my ATV. The tires side walls occasion get damaged or the tires would pop off the bead. To fix this issue I put tubes in all the tires. I have little to no issues sense adding the tubes.

From: ILBow288

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ILBow288's embedded Photo
I went with multiple air filled tires for redundancy on mine. Filled them with slime. flat free tires will work if you're going super slow, but i'd be afraid they'll come apart over 10 mph.

From: darralld
I have a disc that I would like to put wheels on. Does anyone know where I can by the brackets to mount the wheels to?

O.P. I would put tubes in the tires you have.

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