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Chez 05-Aug-21
wildwilderness 07-Aug-21
KHunter 09-Aug-21
JohnMC 09-Aug-21
Firsty 09-Aug-21
Pop-r 09-Aug-21
Hank_S 10-Aug-21
From: Chez
I unexpectedly drew a Unit 61 Tag for this September elk hunt. As this is a good thing, the bad thing is, I have had a major colon surgery in early July and another one expected in mid-august (although less severe). Due to the severity, I am bound at home until early September with no ability to scout. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share some intel with me as to places in Unit 61 to focus on, glass and concentrate on? I am hoping to walk where ever is needed and dry camp if it requires. At 54, might be my last time in a good Unit like this. I am also willing to trade intel for Deer and Elk hunts in Gunnison Basin, as I was a guide there for 13 years and spent the last 32 years hunting the area. Thanks!

It’s been a few years but the last time I was there elk we’re pretty much all over.

Any drainage had a bull or two, could hear them bugling from divide road . The hard part was weeding through all the 260” to find a 320” bull.

From: KHunter
Did you consider returning the tag to re up next year with better physical conditioning and time to enjoy the almost best part of the hunt? prepping, scheming and scouting. Such a special tag to miss out on the extra months of enjoying every spect of it. Or maybe go guided?

As stated, drop into any drainage and have at it, the elk really are everwhere the several time I have been there in a hunting season.

What are your goals for this tag? That might help folks discern how to provide suggestions.

From: JohnMC
I guess you drew the hybrid tag based on you saying you unexpectedly drew? Good luck on your hunt. I have heard good things about 61and if you guide elk hunter that long you know a thing or two about finding and hunting elk.

From: Firsty
Hanks canyon. Nuff said.

From: Pop-r
Good luck! It's not near as perceived.

From: Hank_S
If you're physically capable, go hunt! It's a really fun area with lots of daily action with bulls.

If you're not physically capable, I would turn in the tag for another year.

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