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Competition Arrow Question
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DL 06-Aug-21
JohnMC 06-Aug-21
Oryx35 07-Aug-21
DanaC 07-Aug-21
RD in WI 07-Aug-21
DL 07-Aug-21
From: DL
I was watching the Olympic archery shooting using recurves. In slow motion the arrows were bending like crazy when shot. I thought this causes shots to not be as accurate?

From: JohnMC
As long as it consistent it would not effect accuracy. I don't know a lot about tuning trad bow but I know they tune them to 'curve' around the riser.

From: Oryx35
Most of the Olympians are shooting Easton X10 arrows. The X10 has a ton of science and engineering behind it. Arrows flexing is a natural part of the sport.

From: DanaC
Releases induce a lot less flex aka 'archers paradox' than a recurve shot with the string rolling around the fingertips. But as long as the arrow and bow are matched properly good accuracy is possible in spite of the crazy-looking flex.

From: RD in WI
Cortney and I are super Olympic lovers. We watch as often as we can and really enjoy when underdogs win (like Italy in the men's 4x100) or when an athlete achieves their country's first Olympic medal (San Marino in Women's trap; first gold medal for The Philippines in 55K Women's weightlifting). It would be fascinating to compare the arrow flight of the South Koreans with that of other, less successful competitors. Maybe there is less "wobble" due to better execution. Good to luck this fall.

From: DL

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