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This outfitter report makes me SMH
Whitetail Deer
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From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's Link
We started our popular outfitter reports to have a place that gives honest reviews on outfitted hunts. But every so often I think we need a separate review section so guides can review their clients. Because some of them seem like real tools.

From: Korey Wolfe
I could never be a guide, much less an outfitter.

From: Dale06
Theres alway two sides to a story. And often they conflict each other. Furthermore, there are bad guides and outfitters and bad hunters. Thankfully they’re outnumbered by good ones.

From: spike78
Boy that outfitter must suck. A 140” buck on day one ha. I went on a Maine bear hunt once where one of the guides was baiting a 400 pound bear and ended up trapping it in a foot snare. After he killed it we all got to help our guide drag it out. If I did a review on this place it would be legit and blow your mind! The same guide would pound buds down and drive down dirt roads at like 50mph and drop us off at our sites. And that’s just a tiny part of the experience.

From: LINK
Sounds like the hunter had a case of shooters remorse.

I don’t snare anything but I don’t see the point you’re making about the guides bear. I’ve taken hunters by spots before that I hunt on the way to the ground the outfitter has leased. My spots aren’t leased and usually aren’t good but it’s awkward when you see 2 150’s chasing a doe next to the highway on your ground and the hunters haven’t seen much to talk about on the outfitters ground, even though they are there.

From: Jethro
What makes me SMH is Pat started a thread just like this about that review 4 months ago.

From: FMSullie
Sounds like a peach!

From: Hancock West
Old & ridiculous review. Colin Paly with is a good dude & has been more than gracious to our group of hunters during this whole covid crap.

From: Slate
The guy shoots a 140 and gives a bad review. Amazing. I shot an Elk on day 3 of a hunt. My guide asked me if I minded if he left me at camp to go hunt a once in a lifetime moose tag. I said absolutely not go hunt. He killed a beautiful moose. The bottom line is if they are done guiding you why can’t they hunt. They are also hunters.

From: Kydeer1
I still think they are useful and it's really nice that the site offers the outfitter a chance to respond. I believe that the majority of the posts, that outfitters don't respond, are correct and the outfitter knows it. Prob just don't care. The outfitters that are in it for the right reason and really try will offer a response and I'd say the majority of the time work out something with the client if they had a bad experience. Interestingly, I've left a review before and had people reach out to me through pm's saying they had similar experiences at that particular place but never left a review. This should be a place to share that with each other and if it's a recurring theme then we should all realize what we are getting into by going to that outfitter. We all know there are bad ones in both groups but being able to weed through the trash is key.

From: APauls
Lol this thread is déjà vu

From: Zbone
Okay, I know I under a rock, what is "SMH"?

From: DanaC
Slapping My Head (?)

From: SteveB
Haven't we all discussed this review before?

From: LINK

Yeah, I seem to remember this same thread several months back. Why would Pat start it up all over again?

From: Highlife

From: Rut Nut
Yeah, I thought it was the old thread til I noticed the number of posts. Thought I was losing it like Biden............

From: Orion
Probably trying to raise traffic. Saw that the pop-up ads are back.

From: Pat Lefemine
I must be losing it - like Biden. Sorry, I thought the review I posted months back was a different report.

From: bigswivle
That guy seems special, good lord.

From: Norseman

Norseman 's embedded Photo
Norseman 's embedded Photo
Hang in there Pat! They got pills for that now.

From: Slate

Its deja vu all over again.

From: JL
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gets a brain fart every now and then and says or does something I've said or done before. I have a buddy who calls that geezers disease.

Yep some of us may need some of those chewables.

You have to admit, some of the reports are entertaining!

From: Grey Ghost
That's OK, Pat, I often can't remember if I showered today or 3 days ago.

This report reminds me of why my decision to get into the outfitting business several years ago was the worst mistake of my working career.


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