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From: Shaft2Long
I'm making the transition between tent and trailer camping to back of the truck. I know a lot on here do this. Thought I would do a search on what specific type of foam and supplier people are using for the "mattress" in the back of the truck. I can't seem to find the search function.

I can use my Big Agnes inflatable and I have one of the smaller roll up foam pads. But, since it is the back of the truck, I thought I'd also get some 2 or 3 foam to help soften it up and be a little more luxurious.

What are you guys using? Did you just order the 2x6 foam online somewhere?


From: Jaquomo
We are lucky to have a local supplier. I bought 4" and paid extra for the denser foam, because the cheaper stuff breaks down pretty quickly and you end up with soft spots.

From: JohnMC
You have to be promoted to senior member to use search function

From: greg simon
^^^ This. And the price is double!!!

From: Maverick

Maverick's Link

From: RutnStrut
Just go to google type in whatever you want to search and add bowsite. Your top reult should be any Bowsite threads on the subject of interest.

From: Grey Ghost
Tent/trailer camping to sleeping in the bed of a pickup? Damn, dude.



From: JL
Slept many a time in the bed of the truck on solo DIY hunts. My new F150 has enough room for me to sleep in the back of the cab. I bought two big dog beds and sleep on those.

You have to keep your ‘dues’ up to date…

From: Medicinemann
For my Toyota Tacoma, I cut a 30" wide strip of plywood (back in the day, when it was cheap). I put two cinder blocks (end to end) across the front and back of the truck bed (left side), and the plywood rested on the left wheel well. I also put another cinder block at the outside edge of the board, even with the wheel...for support in the middle. I was able to store a lot of gear under that "bed". I went to Joanne's Fabric's (hopefully they have them near you), and checked out the various thicknesses of high density foam....2", 3", 4", and 6". Luckily, the employee that waited on me was married to a hunter, so she knew what I was doing. I laid all of the different thicknesses on the floor, and by the time that I got to the 4" pad, I couldn't feel the floor under the foam. I had them cut the foam to the same dimensions as the plywood.....worked like a charm. I should mention that I am a little on the tall side, so I cut the board AND the foam to the exact length of the inside of the truck bed. Even if you are not tall, I would do the board and foam don't shift around in transit. If you are hunting during cooler times, I'd wear a hat at night. I was hunting in Arizona one Fall, and by the time that I woke up the next morning, my hair had frozen to the side of the truck....LOL.

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