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Covid found in White tails
Whitetail Deer
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From: lewis
Just read a study where the USDA has found antibodies in white tails.This was found in New York,Michigan and Illinois.They ran tests on around 400 deer.Good luck and stay safe out there Lewis

From: 4nolz@work
most species have a Coronavirus-- other than 1 cat and maybe 1 dog Ive heard of that caught it from their owners (without illness) animals arent a source to infect humans.

From: Woods Walker
So in Illinois this season, if they count the deer harvest numbers like they do the human "covid harvest", then ALL the deer killed by bow or gun will be counted as a "covid death" if they test positive for it even if their heart and lungs have wide pass through cuts or if by gun, just red pudding for heart/lungs. Got it.

Yes, and it will be Trump's fault.

From: Woods Walker
Of course! And don't forget white supremacist's!

How is the cdc going to get them to wear masks?

From: cnelk
They all crossed the southern border

From: Deertick
The fact of multiple animal reservoirs … means #zerocovid is a silly idea. Folks … you’re going to get it. Choice is to have some immune response or not.

From: Zbone
So if bats were first carriers after it left the Chinese lab, you would assume mammals to human contagion then why not the reverse of humans transmission back to mammals???

When I was down with covid hard for eight days in February and couldn't/wouldn't get off the couch (felt like I was dying, or wanted too) and my 2 house dogs were all over me, laying with me, laying on top of me, licking me, licking the sweat off at times and I was actually concerned of me transmitting it to them, but too sick to do anything about it at the time, and then watched them closely after I started feeling a little better, but neither showed any signs of illness... One is almost 13 years old and has cataracts and cancer, but never showed any signs of illness... It was comforting having them there at the time and both seemed to know I was sick....

Am no doctor or scientist to understand animal to human transmission or visa versa, but would be nice to know in layman's terms how that works...

From: Wild Bill
In 1965 the covid virus was found in common cold sufferers.

From: midwest
I intend to give a few of them the jab this fall.

From: Live2Hunt
Good, they can give me there antibody's when I am eating them!!!

From: Copperhead
Live2Hunt, I say we mandate that all persons must show that they have consumed venison that carries the antibody so that everyone will be safer from this virus. LOL

From: elkmtngear
Had to be "Dirty Mike and the Boys"...those guys are superspreaders!

From: KHNC
Lol, damn right they are! F-shak

^^^ lmao!

Deer in the Midwest been sick for awhile. I don’t have the first shred of fact to back that up. But, if you’ve watched the hunting public, you’ve seen video after video of deer coughing and sneezing on their Midwest hunts.

I’ve deer hunted a lot. I’ve rarely heard a deer cough or sneeze at all. In 35 years of hunting them.

33% of the 481 deer tested over a 15 month period from NY, MI, Il, and PA tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. There are ZERO answers to the obvious questions, such as: How did the deer get COVID? Can it be transferred through the herd? Can it jump species to other animals or humans? Is the meat safe to eat if you harvest a deer? Will there be mandatory COVID testing of harvested deer? Do I need to wear an N95 mask while in my tree stand?

From: Woods Walker
Well if they make the deer hunting mask rules like they did for restaurant patrons, then you'll have to wear a mask while walking TO your stand, but once you're in it then you can take it off. BUT....if you have to "water the flowers", then you'll have to put it on again.

Apparently Covid is only transmissible to those who are standing up!

From: Thornton
Who cares? Livestock has always gotten corona virus

From: TD
All this corona talk has me thirsty......

From: Orion
You do realize Covid is commonly found in cattle, heck ranchers even give a shot for it don't you?

I'm with Midwest.

Planning on giving them a shot, an arrow and a sabot this fall.

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