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Co moose attack vid!
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Huntcell 09-Aug-21
Norseman 09-Aug-21
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Ambush 09-Aug-21
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Huntcell 10-Aug-21
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Young bull wants to be left alone.

What’s with unpalmated Crazy antler ,

Going get shot for elk.

From: Norseman

Norseman 's embedded Photo
Norseman 's embedded Photo
Here’s your sign…

From: ahunter76
I walked up on a Cow Moose & her calf years ago Elk hunting in Co.. I didn't get charged but she let me know I needed to "leave".

From: Ambush
My wife and I got ran by a young cow moose a few years ago. One of those semi urban moose. It chased us across the four lane with a cement barrier in the middle. Then back across before a car got between us and her. My wife still gets at mad at me for that episode 'cause somehow it was all my fault! Another one blocked our trail for about fifteen minutes. Finally chose to skirt her in the bush and quickly found out her calf was on that side! After a quick retreat we passed on the other side with only some evil eye from her.

From: Shuteye
Many years ago a moose backed my dad through the woods in Maine. He had his .270 to his shoulder and said if it got too close he was going to shoot. It finally let him go but he was pretty excited for a while. I was about 12 years old then and am 79 now.

From: M.Pauls
Interesting video. It was short, but I didn’t really see any body posture from that bull indicating he was fixing to charge. At least in the short video. Woulda caught me off guard too

From: Grey Ghost
The link doesn’t give me a video to watch. Just a distant pic of the lady and the moose in the parking lot. What am I missing?

From: Lawdy
I used to trail run and had a young orphaned calf that would jog right behind me or beside me almost every evening. Told the warden about it and he video taped it. It was a young male. We left it alone and after wintering there with help from me cutting, he moved on. He was a friendly little guy. A Massachusetts couple meet me on a skidder trail with him beside me one evening and they went wild. If his mother had been alive, it never would have happened. We assumed she was killed by a logging truck.

From: billygoat

billygoat's embedded Photo
billygoat's embedded Photo
My 2018 elk-antlered moose, just young. I had such a short time available to hunt, but was really happy for the opportunity and the freezer full of delicious meat.

From: JohnMC
It’s obvious what happened there. That moose is self-conscious over it’s unsymmetrical rack and did not want to be on camera because of it.

From: Huntcell
Scroll down slightly.

Click ‘read more’

then click the blue circle with white triangle.


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