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Fall Foodplot "cages"
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Medicinemann 10-Aug-21
Castle Oak 10-Aug-21
Scrappy 10-Aug-21
Ok...Russ 10-Aug-21
drycreek 10-Aug-21
From: Medicinemann
I have started some of my Fall foodplots. Aside from T-posts and chicken wire, I just wanted to see what other clever ideas some other foodplotters might be using to build a "cage" that will allow me to see how hard the plot is being grazed......

From: Castle Oak
Plastic or metal milk crates work great . Just be sure to stake them down.

From: Scrappy
2x4 welded wire works the best.

From: Ok...Russ
I use one of my tomato cages. It's the 2x4 wire like scrappy mentions. Make sure it's tall enough and wide enough that deer can't get their heads over the top and graze it down.

From: drycreek
Scrappy’s got it, about a 2’/2.5’ section turned in a circle and as Russ said, make sure it’s tall enough. I use 5’ wire. Stake it down with one T post or two if you prefer.

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