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Cheapest Sat phone rental?
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DonVathome 10-Aug-21
iceman 10-Aug-21
BOWUNTR 10-Aug-21
timberdoodle 11-Aug-21
Earltex 11-Aug-21
Nick Muche 11-Aug-21
maxracx 11-Aug-21
Woods Walker 12-Aug-21
From: DonVathome
What is the cheapest for 10 days in AK? Want it mailed to AK and mailed back when done. I need maybe 45 minutes of call time. It is really just for emergency and to call pilot if needed.

From: iceman
You can rent them in Anchorage several places

I used to use Surveyors Exchange in Anchorage. .. you can have it mailed to you before hand and drop it off at the airport. On Kodiak I use Kodiak Kamps. Ed F

From: timberdoodle
Unless you enjoy a lot of delays in conversation, and dropped signal between satellites passing over, I would just run with an InReach. IMO, texting was much preferred up there.

From: Earltex
I second the InReach recommendation. Works so well.

From: Nick Muche
Fairbanks Sat Phone Rental is where I used to buy minutes for my Sat Phone that I no longer use because an InReach is far more convenient for nearly all circumstances.

From: maxracx
I was in the same boat and after doing a bunch of research I purchased a Zoleo. Less upfront cost than Inreach plus less programming costs. We rented a sat phone last year on a back country elk hunt with less than stellar success. There are a number of YouTube videos that compare all.

From: Woods Walker
What if you want to rent it on a Monday? ;-)

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