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Favorite 4 Finger Thumb Release?
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Bigwoods 11-Aug-21
TODDY 11-Aug-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 11-Aug-21
WapitiBob 11-Aug-21
Rickm 11-Aug-21
CAS_HNTR 11-Aug-21
midwest 11-Aug-21
caribou77 11-Aug-21
craigmcalvey 12-Aug-21
caribou77 21-Aug-21
Kerrbow 08-Sep-21
RD in WI 08-Sep-21
From: Bigwoods
Greetings- I've been using an older Truball 4 finger thumb release for hunting and I'm looking to potentially upgrade. Any recommendations for a great 4 finger thumb release for hunting?

Thank You!!

I have not hunted with it yet but I bought the Stanislawski PerfeX earlier this year and love it! It allows me to practice releasing at full draw without actually firing it. I'm constantly working on surprise releases and I don't always have to be outside with that feature. That has expanded my practicing a TON which is making me a much improved shot over where I was at this time last year. TODDY

I use the truball 4 finger max pro that I just got this year as my first hand held thumb release. What I liked was the jaws vs hook on d loop and I’m shooting very well compared to my old cheap trigger wrist strap. Well worth $120 instead of a cheapy like I always used

From: WapitiBob
Stan perfex long neck thumb, or the discontinued blackjack hinge, both have trainer pins.

From: Rickm
Been using the Truball 4 finger for years. For target you may want to upgrade but for hunting you may already have your release?

Carter Target once, cry once. I have I guess I cried twice!

From: midwest
I wonder how many guys have launched that Stan into their riser when firing it in practice mode? lol

From: caribou77
Truball trail boss. Love that thing. Bit noisy though.

From: craigmcalvey
Trufire hardcore revolution for me. Can’t imagine going back to a wrist release.


From: caribou77
Truball trail boss. Love that thing. Bit noisy though.

From: Kerrbow
Stan Perfex, try one, buy one.

From: RD in WI
Stan Perfex. Got one at an archery range in Minnesota and they let me shoot it before purchase. The fourth finger is new to me but better for my method of pulling through the shot. Good luck.

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