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Throw and mow alfalfa
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lewis 11-Aug-21
Tradbowkevin 11-Aug-21
LKH 11-Aug-21
BullBuster 12-Aug-21
From: lewis
Never have done it but thinking about mixing either wheat or winter rye with alfalfa over a sprayed field and mow over it. I have grown nice alfalfa in this field in the past.Anyone have experience doing this. Thanks Lewis

From: Tradbowkevin
That will work well. I've done it before.

From: LKH
We call it a cover crop, the wheat, and here it allows the rancher to get hay off it the first year while protecting the young alfalfa. They harrow it, broadcast spread it and then roll it.

From: BullBuster
Yep did that with winter rye and worked well.

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