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FMJ arrows and 200 grain field tips
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Smtn10PT 13-Aug-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 13-Aug-21
Smtn10PT 14-Aug-21
Pyrannah 14-Aug-21
tm 14-Aug-21
butcherboy 14-Aug-21
Firsty 17-Aug-21
Smtn10PT 20-Aug-21
From: Smtn10PT
What do you guys who use FMJ arrows do for field points, specifically 200 grain? I have some FMJ Dangerous game shafts that I’d like to try some 200 grain single bevel heads on but can’t seem to find and 17/64 field points in that weight to practice with. Anyone else run into this and what was your solution?

Did you try grizzly stick or look for ethics? I think they make the heavy ones as well. Not 100% sure tho. Also try Sirius archery. The ranch fairy arrows they sell tips too I believe!

From: Smtn10PT
I have found a few 200 grain points just not the exact diameter of those shafts. I am worried that the 9/32 ones will be hard to pull out of my target since the head will be larger than the arrow.

From: Pyrannah
you could foot the fmj with an aluminum arrow

that will make it bigger for your field tips and strengthen the hit...

good luck

From: tm
Camfer the back edge of the point, I use a cordless drill and file, makes them pull easier. Another option is to use Easton stainless steel 1/2 outs if you are using 5mm shafts they are heavier than the Hit insert.

From: butcherboy
I use the 75 grain steel half out inserts on mine. If you do that then you can use a standard size thread and diameter field point. 3rivers sells heavy field points.

From: Firsty
My first suggestion would be to not use FMJs but that's a different story

From: Smtn10PT
Ended up with the 250 spine which take a 9/32 head. No trouble removing them from bag targets. Havent shot them into foam yet.

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