Whitetail mock scrapes
Whitetail Deer
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What do you guys do and anything specific you’ve found to work better than something else? Just curious

From: t-roy
I’ve had good success suspending a 2’-3’ piece of grapevine with paracord or something similar. I like to have the bottom of the vine suspended about 4’-4.5’ off the ground. Seems to work better if it can swing somewhat freely. I’ve made a pile of them to see which spots are more attractive than others. I’ll take down the ones that don’t produce.

If you’re gonna pee in the scrape, stay away from the asparagus ;-)

From: Dale06
Where I hunt on the western ks prairie there are almost no trees. I find and cut a 3-5” diameter tree, that has a long trunk that can be set in a hole in the ground, and still have 8’ or more above ground with some 1” or so diameter branches 5’ or so above ground. I place that tree in an open area where I have a ground blind. Take a rake and scrape the ground bare under a branch. Piss in the bare ground area. I get a lot of action at these scrapes, but almost all is at night.

From: APauls
Same as t-roy. Grape vine is the bomb

From: Ridgerunner
Grapevine x3

I nail a 6-7' fresh-cut tree branch to the base of a decent sized elm tree along an old snowmobile trail trail right in front on my stand. The branch is about 5-6' off the ground and every buck that cruises up and down that trail stops to work it over. I don't add any scent to the scrape but I do clear out the leaves and debris under the branch and let the bucks take it over.. It works awesome and I chuckle at the bucks working the branch over not knowing I'm within 20 yds of them. Definitely give it a try this fall.

Thanks guys. I usually do just a vine and leave it about 5’ up butmy buddys talking me into doing it 4’ to make it more of a community’s scrape and the Fawns will get involved with the does. Which makes sense. More does frequenting the chance of bucks sticking around should be greater no?

From: Bow Crazy
I've tried everything, grape vines are the best. I use a 5' or more section, if I can, let it dangle, and hang it waste high, 3'ish. I have found that when the leaves drop there is less weight on the over hanging branches and you may gain a foot. If not, 3' still works awesome. Be sure to put by a stand, and right on a trail or within a couple of yards. Highly visible, near an active trail and you are good to go! BC

From: BigOk
Same as T-roy.

From: ILBow288
Large diameter hemp rope works great. 3/4" or 1" if you can find it. 4' off the ground. Add a little smokeys pre-orbital gland deer lure on it to get started, and the deer take it over it no time. If i'm making a scrape on the fly during season to come back and see what kind of tracks are in it, i'll go ahead and pee in it myself. Mixed results with this though. Sometimes they're on it quick, sometimes its full of leaves and hasn't been touched.

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