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Montana alternate tag
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Slider14 15-Aug-21
badlander 16-Aug-21
Pop-r 17-Aug-21
badlander 17-Aug-21
JL 17-Aug-21
From: Slider14
Hey guys, my buddy is 310 on the Montana alternate list! Just wondering if anyone has gotten their alternate tag and what number were you! Just trying to see if he has a chance!

From: badlander
I emailed last week and they said things would start moving this week. but, ive seen that posted elsewhere for the past few weeks.

FWP response said we will start seeing our number drop as we get closer to the front of the line but I drew #176 and I still show 176 this morning.

From: Pop-r
Depending a lil bit on which list you're on the #176 is a great number to have I'd say. Better get ready to go.

From: badlander
They must have offered up the first batch of returned tags. Went from #176 up to #75 today.

I expected to get the email at some point with this number but, I’ll be out in WY for the 1st week of archery elk. With my luck that is when I’ll get my invite.

Not sure I can trust my wife to monitor my email and to buy the tag for me. I suspect she would conveniently forget.

Hunting buddies are no better. They’d just plain forget.

From: JL
My buddy is at 198 on the BG Combo....

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