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6x4 gator
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elknailer 16-Aug-21
ohiohunter 17-Aug-21
Boatman71 17-Aug-21
Medicinemann 17-Aug-21
elknailer 17-Aug-21
elknailer 22-Aug-21
From: elknailer
has anyone ever used their 6x4 gator in the co mountains for elk hunting. if so how did they perform?

From: ohiohunter
Really depends on where you’re hunting and how rough access is. I’ve been places I can take a Honda Civic, other places you better have a 5pt harness on. Just know your equipments limitations

From: Boatman71
I have some experience with them but not in the mountains. I used to be a mechanic and worked on a lot of them. The first thing that would come to mind is steering while locked in 4X4. They tend to want to "push" the front tires, so if in tight quarters in 4X4 don't expect to steer well. On an upside they are hill climbing experts and are extremely hard to get stuck. As a mechanic I got to test drive quite a few of them :-)

From: Medicinemann
I really like mine, but they do not have a favorable turn radius, which might be a challenge in alpine areas that elk frequent. Have never got mine stuck in mud, but have high-centered the thing a couple times in deep snow.

From: elknailer
thanks guys, I understand the streeing thing. nice to know they do well in mud. Ive only had mine for a couple of years. Its a 2000 with 830 hrs. really good shape!

From: elknailer
one more thing, am I required to wear a helmet?

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