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Fires - draw areas
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Inshart 17-Aug-21
Jaquomo 17-Aug-21
From: Inshart
For those of you who drew a LE tag, if the fires shut down your area, do you get a refund, keep your points, can you go to an OTC area with your tag, what other options do you have; or are you simply SOL?

From: Jaquomo
Last year they gave a refund, your point (if you used one and an extra point.

This year the entire fire area and lots more is still closed to public access by USFS, CPW gave out the same number of tags (1100 archery) and no refunds unless we turned the tag in by August 2. Roughly 70% of the September elk habitat is closed, even though much of it wasn't touched by the fire. USFS won't give information on whether any of it will be reopened for hunting season, but I'm scouting new areas just in case it all stays closed. The moose hunters are the ones really screwed.

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