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Iridium Sat Phone minutes
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DonVathome 17-Aug-21
bigeasygator 17-Aug-21
DanaC 17-Aug-21
DonVathome 18-Aug-21
From: DonVathome
Someone lent me a Sat phone - Iridium 9555. It has an old SIM card in it. I need it for a month and will talk at most 30 minutes. What is my cheapest option to get it working? Best I found was 75 minutes with activation fee total was $227! Works only a month then expires.

From: bigeasygator
Amazon has the 75 minute /one month Iridium SIM cards for $144. Not sure I’ve ever seen a card with less minutes on it and not sure you’ll find a better price.

From: DanaC

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From: DonVathome
Thanks! Sat phone rental minutes are a lot cheaper, it is pretty much the same price as renting a phone. Ironically I need it for 5 weeks, could I chance not testing it and head into the field with it and "start" the 30 days in the field???? Seems risky. I do not want to shoot my caribou on day 2 and wait a week for my pilot!

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