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Iridium Sat Phone minutes
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DonVathome 17-Aug-21
bigeasygator 17-Aug-21
DanaC 17-Aug-21
DonVathome 18-Aug-21
Smtn10PT 10-Jun-24
pass through 12-Jun-24
SemiSharma 18-Jun-24
From: DonVathome
Someone lent me a Sat phone - Iridium 9555. It has an old SIM card in it. I need it for a month and will talk at most 30 minutes. What is my cheapest option to get it working? Best I found was 75 minutes with activation fee total was $227! Works only a month then expires.

From: bigeasygator
Amazon has the 75 minute /one month Iridium SIM cards for $144. Not sure I’ve ever seen a card with less minutes on it and not sure you’ll find a better price.

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link

From: DonVathome
Thanks! Sat phone rental minutes are a lot cheaper, it is pretty much the same price as renting a phone. Ironically I need it for 5 weeks, could I chance not testing it and head into the field with it and "start" the 30 days in the field???? Seems risky. I do not want to shoot my caribou on day 2 and wait a week for my pilot!

From: Smtn10PT
quite the revival

From: pass through
Lat 2 times I rented a iridium we went to the co backcountry and I was never able to connect a single call. The Satellite Phone Store where i rented would not reimburse any of my minutes. Would definitely not recommend the Satellite Phone Store.

From: SemiSharma
It's frustrating when you're just looking for a temporary solution and end up shelling out way more than you anticipated. But hey, don't lose hope just yet! Have you explored other options besides the one you found? Sometimes, there are hidden gems out there that offer better deals.For instance, I've had some great experiences with Esim Europe during my travels abroad. Their rates have always been fair, and they offer flexible plans that could fit your needs perfectly. Plus, their customer service is top-notch, which is always a bonus when you're dealing with tech stuff.

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