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What is going on at Grizzlystik?
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From: wvfarrier

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I ordered 6 of the 200gr Overkill XXL's. I received 3, no big deal as they sent out replacements. Then, I get to looking at the broadheads I received. The case is labeled 200gr xxl however the are actually 125gr xl's!

From: Dale06
Don’t get me started on that trash that they sell.

Michael I ordered a pack of 125xl a few weeks ago and they came in all beat up. Ugly burrs on them, threads mangled. I wasn’t happy. Sent em back for a refund. Tried making me pay for shipping and adjusting my refund after they sent me label. I’ll stick with my slick tricks…

From: wvfarrier
Ok, so they did make it right by me. They sent the correct heads and then sent me an extra set of Silverflame 200s and told me to keep the others. Thats pretty good in my book.

From: BullBuster
The only company that ever black listed me. The receptionist just couldn’t understand me one time. She wasn’t too bright. I started to get a little pissy with her. So they blacklisted me and wouldn’t take their grossly overpriced arrows back.

From: Nocturnal II
A premier business will always make it right. Glad to hear you benefited from the inconvenience.

From: Buffalo1
BullBuster we may be related !! I got black listed from Grizzystik archery too. I sent some BH's to them than were in their package to be exchanged, they refused to exchange them then charged me postage to return my BH's. I purchased the BH's at Cabela's.

They were not happy with my attitude about me having to pay postage to get my BH's back (I did pay the postage). They advised me that I was black listed as a customer. I've never had a need nor desire to purchase any product they may produce or sell since.

From: c5ken
Ask Dale06 about his experience with the junk Grizzyztik sells....

From: Dale06
c5ken, hope you are doing well. John and I are going to NM elk hunting in three weeks.

What Ken refers to is that I used the grizz stix Ashby 300 BH in Africa. Shot a Cape buffalo 1/2” of the tip broke off, greatly hindering penetration. I got one lung penetration. I ended up finishing the buff with a 404 Jeffrey. Shot a Blesbuck, a whitetail size antelope, same story, spined it, 1/2” or so of the tip broke off. Shot a black wildebeest, bigger than a whitetail, and the BH sheared off at the end of the arrow shaft. My friend on the same trip used the exact same BH, and had similar results, broken BHs that totally underperformed. They were very expensive junk. I contacted Grizz stix after we returned. I really don’t recall what they said, but nothing they could say or do would compensate for the crap they sold us.

From: Rickm
Shot with a guy years ago when they first came out. We were pretty excited to try them out.. The shafts were snapping in half from impacting a block target. Guess not much has changed.

Guy on the mass forum uses the arrows and Samuri heads and swears by them. Shoots a ton. I almost pulled the trigger but decided on building my own Eastons instead of buying from them after I heard some stories.

Worst arrows I ever tried. Over priced, lack luster attention to detail, and just all around junk.

From: Nocturnal II
This is all great to hear! I just purchased 9 maasia heads from Grizzlystick. I guess I will soon find out

I have never heard of any other reputable company black list people… says a lot.

They must be quite elitist to think so highly of themselves that others would care to “loose the privilege” to buy their products…

From: Tilzbow
I tried some of their tapered shafts years ago. Worst crap arrows I’ve ever shot and they wouldn’t tune worth a darn. I either sold them on TradGang or threw them in the trash.

The thing I really dislike is that they gave the Silver Flame broadhead a crap reputation. That said I believe you can still buy the original German Kinetic Silver Flame direct from Germany. By far the sharpest broadheads ever made.

^^^This^^^. Same here. They were the tapered shafts. I couldn’t get them to tune. My groups at 20 yards with a yard bow doubled in size. They were terrible. .

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